Stand Up Straight

August 16, 2016


Correct posture is critical to your visual and verbal messages. Speaking is a physical sport. Success in every endeavor is based on an easy, balanced posture.


Posture gives listeners clues on how you feel about yourself.  Use the ready Posture, a modified athletic stance in your opening and closing and all thought your presentation.



  • Shifting

  • Leaning

  • Dancing in place


What Works - Standing:

  • Weight balanced evenly

  • Feet forward and planted

  • Feet shoulder width apart

  • Hands resting down at sides, a Ready Position


What Works - Seated:

  • Sit forward on front half of chair

  • Feet flat on floor

  • Balanced and leaning into table, towards listeners



  • You appear open & approachable

  • You look energized while at ease

  • It helps center your energy and thoughts










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