Look, Lock, Walk & Talk

Using space in an easy and focused way is one of the single best skills you can develop to transform your style.

When you move with the purpose of connecting with your listeners you discharge nervous energy and increase listener attention and connection drawing your listeners into your message.

  • Pacing

  • Looking at the floor, ceiling, or wall as you walk

  • Moving too fast, too slow or right at and on top of people

  • Dragging feet, side-stepping or long, looping steps

What Works:
  • Stand open with hands at sides in the middle of the space to begin

  • Always use someone's eyes as the reason you are moving to speak

  • Use the "Look, Lock, Walk, & Talk" method to move across the room or space

  • Look at one person and hold eye contact as you move

  • walk across space in an arc

  • Converse with that one person as you cross the room

  • Stop, open your body to face the middle of the room

  • Stop, open your body to face the middle of the room

  • Plant feet on the arc, look at someone new and continue your conversation

  • Talk to 2-4 people in that general area

  • Establish Presence by staying put for a while

  • Helps you release tension

  • Gives a sense of purpose and intention to your movement

  • Adds a sense of confidence

  • Demonstrates easy command of space

  • Energizes your message

  • lenda a conversational tone to your style

  • Creates dynamic energy in room

  • Keeps listeners involved

  • Creates connection with your listeners

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