May 10, 2017



Gestures bring life to your presentation.  It's natural to gesture to help emphasize or explain your thoughts. 


Gestures are built-in visual aids.  Think of how you can "show-and-tell" your ideas using your hands, and then drop them back to your sides when done.


Gestures at, or below the waist are wasted! Bring them up to shirt pocket height and then up above your shoulders and at times out to a full arms' length to make the appropriate point.


  • Clasping or praying

  • Arms crossed or behind back

  • Clenching fists, flicking fingers

  • Hands in pockets, jingling change

  • Holding pens, makers, pointers or remotes when not needed

What Works:
  • Open, expanded gestures

  • Definitive and descriptive gestures

  • Allow your gestures to help you "show & tell" your ideas

  • Gesture from shoulders, not the elbows

  • Gestures at chest, height, and higher

  • Gestures that show time, place, comparison and scale

  • Always drop hands down to sides after gesturing

  • Helps to relax your upper body

  • Provides appropriate cues and adds meaning to your words

  • Adds energy, scale and clarity

  • Creates visual interest

  • Expanded gestures help slow down a fast speaker

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