Facial Expression

September 20, 2016


Your Facial Expression reveals how you feel about your topic or issue.


Listeners are looking for cues about your attitude toward the subject. Be natural - don't try to evoke an expression.


A warm genuine grin works fine as a facial "ready position". Save your poker face for the casino.


  • Tight-lipped, overly serious expressions that are off-putting

  • Over-smiling - can appear insincere or nervous

  • Wincing, frowning or smirking creates a visual and then mental & emotional barrier

  • Tilting your head to either side can appear quizzical, unsure or cocky

  • Tilting your head back or chin up can appear arrogant

What Works:
  • Be genuine, show natural and appropriate emotions for your topic

  • A warm, natural smile, lips slightly upturned at the corners, draws listeners in

  • Practice speaking and smiling in a mirror to see and feel your genuine smile

  • Practice showing different emotions in the mirror as you practice speaking

  • You become fully and genuinely engaged in your topic

  • Listeners more easily read your expression for the fuller meaning and intent on your words

  • Listeners find you more approachable, connected and genuine










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