Women Leading With Impact Professional Leadership Retreat


The Women Leading with Impact retreat offers, two days of developmental growth and experience. Participants will be introduced to the Spiral Leadership Model, an alternative to the Corporate Ladder Model. You will learn formulas that will help you incorporate a new professional leadership style.


The Women Leading With Impact retreat, specifically designed for women, will strengthen your professional and personal life by teaching you how to:


  • Identify your Signature Style and leadership strengths

  • Develop a strong, authentic, persuasive voice in professional conversations

  • Attain a more prominent seat at the table

  • Utilize new leadership tools that work best for women

  • Integrate or balance your professional and personal life

  • Develop a success support system

  • Eliminate the negative perceptions of women’s leadership

  • Create a new perception of yourself and your capabilities as a leader


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Additional Professional Development For Women


Executive Coaching: Experience One-on-One Coaching with Denise to further incorporate the skills learned at the Women Leading With Impact Professional Leadership Retreat. You may also find Executive Coaching helpful as needed or as recommended in your Professional development plan. Denise will work exclusively with you over a six-month to one-year time frame. This formula will solidify your leadership and management skills and style. All coaching sessions are designed and engaged directly with Denise Harrington. 
















6-Month Accelerator Leadership Mentoring Program: This is a six-month transformative program that will provide both the individual skills and the group support for significant breakthroughs. The program design includes: one (1) 30-minute introductory goal-setting call with Denise, one (1) introductory group webinar to establish the small group and grow together, four (4) 1-hour developmental sessions with Denise once a month, and one (1) final group webinar. All sessions are virtual, to make this accessible to more women.

This group will be limited to the first eight who sign up and is the perfect stage for true growth and development. Commitment for the entire six month duration is critical to the success of the program in your development.


*Click here to enroll.


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